Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

If you feel threatened or at risk of violence there are services in Redbridge, provided by Refuge, that can help you.  Violence against women and girls can affect anyone.  Nobody should have to live in fear.

As part of the Redbridge VAWG, services are available to create a safety and support plan which includes personal safety information, support if you need to contact the police, support in relation to going to court, securing an injunction, safe housing options, safe child contact, and opportunities to discuss concerns and fears with someone that understands.  The service can also support anyone who is at risk of forced marriage.

The team based in Redbridge includes specialist gender-based violence advocates to support women and men who are at risk of serious harm; a young people’s advocate for young girls aged 14 – 17 years old; and a children’s outreach worker who works with children and the non-abusing parent.

Support can be accessed by calling 0800 169 7759 (Monday – Friday; 09:00 to 17:00) or e-mailing  If you or your children are in immediate danger, call 999.  More information is available on the Refuge Redbridge website.

Further information on domestic violence services within Redbridge, including the Reach Out Service, can be viewed on the Council website.  A leaflet on FGM has been produced by NELFT which includes information on how to seek support if you have been a victim or are at risk of this form of abuse.