Learning and Improvement Framework

The RSCP Learning and Improvement Framework, 2nd Edition, July 2022 (PDF 92KB)  sets out how Redbridge Safeguarding Children Partnership (RSCP) meets its responsibilities as set out in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023 to create, maintain, review and measure a framework of continuous learning and improvement.

This document is based on the principle that professionals and organisations protecting children need to reflect on the quality of their services and learn from their own practice and that of others. Good practice should be shared so that there is a growing understanding of what works well. Conversely, when things go wrong there needs to be a rigorous, objective analysis of what happened and why, so that important lessons can be learnt and services improved to reduce the risk of future harm to children.

The LSCB Framework and Principles for Safeguarding Children Training (PDF 516 KB) (under review) sets out our position in relation to quality assuring and evaluating the impact of training.

A key part of the development of learning between agencies is the understanding of each agency’s role and responsibilities and those of the professionals that work within them.  To support this, the RSCP provides a Job Shadowing Scheme.