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RSCP Training Programme 2023-24

Schedule of RSCP Training Courses
Online or ClassroomTitle of CourseDateAvailability
ONLINEProfessional Curiosity in Safeguarding05/06/2024Fully Booked
ONLINEEarly Help for Children and Families - An Introduction to the CAF11/06/2024Places Available
CLASSROOMAttending Child Protection Conferences and Making Plans with the Strengthening Families Approach12/06/2024Places Available
ONLINEFabricated and Induced Illness14/06/2024Places Available
ONLINESafeguarding Children with Disabilities18/06/2024Places Available
CLASSROOMUnderstanding Coercive Control19/06/2024Places Available
ONLINESafeguarding Children in a Digital World20/06/2024Fully Booked
ONLINEYoung Women and Girls Affected by Gangs and County Lines21/06/2024Fully Booked
CLASSROOMRSCP Designated Safeguarding Lead (Safeguarding Level 3)25/06/2024Places Available
CLASSROOMVoice of the Child and Safeguarding28/06/2024Places Available
CLASSROOMWorking Together to Safeguard Children - A Shared Responsibility (Safeguarding Level 2)10/07/2024Places Available
CLASSROOMChildren's Rights and Safeguarding18/07/2024Places Available

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