Structure and Membership

What is the structure of Redbridge Safeguarding Children Partnership (RSCP)?

Redbridge Safeguarding Children Partnership (RSCP) is made up of the main Partnership meeting and two Sub-Groups.  The Independent Chair of the RSCP reports to the Council’s Chief Executive.  Below is a link to the Independent Chair, who also acts as Chair of the Redbridge Safeguarding Adults Board (RSAB),  Role Specification:

The Partnership and each Sub-Group is governed by a set of rules called ‘Terms of Reference’ (ToR). The work carried out by the Partnership and each Sub-Group is monitored by work programmes.  Below is a link to the Partnership Terms of Reference (ToR):

The Sub-Groups, each with their own ToR are:

  • Learning & Improvement (ToR)
  • Training (ToR)

Who are the members of Redbridge SCP?

The core membership of SCP’s (previously LSCBs) is set out in the Children Act 2004, and includes local authority’s leadership, health bodies, education, police, voluntary, community and faith groups and many others.

Members of Redbridge SCP are senior individuals within their organisation. They have a strategic role relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. They should be able to commit their organisation on policy and practice matters and hold their organisation to account.

Members of the Sub-Groups are representatives of the different partner agencies within Redbridge. They are responsible for carrying out the work of the RSCP.

You can also view the RSCP Structure Chart, along with the LBR Inter Board Governance Protocol 2014 (PDF 436KB) which details the full connectivity between the RSCP, Children’s Trust Partnership Board, Health and Well-Being Board, Community Safety Partnership and the Adult Safeguarding Board.  To support joint strategic working, the RSCP Independent Chair is a member of the Health and Well-Being Board and the RSCP Partnership Manager is a member of the Adult Safeguarding Board.

All partner agency members are asked to sign a RSCP Partner Agency Agreement which outlines the expectations that the Board has on members including co-operation, commitment, confidentiality, and contribution.  Members are also expected to abide by the RSCP Independent Chair ‘Need to Know’ list for partner agencies.  All Board and Sub Group members are required to view the Data Protection Presentation as part of their induction and at regular intervals thereafter.

Who are the members of the RSCP?

The RSCP consists of members who are senior people within their organisations and include:

The Partnership is supported by:

You can also view the PDF version of our list of members (PDF 200KB).

Member Induction

There are Induction Packs available for both new partner agency Board and Sub-Group members and also new Lay Members.