Statement of Values and Intent

The then Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) agreed in November 2008, at their first Development Day, the following statement, which has since been adopted by the Redbridge SCP.

Every member believes that every child and young person has the right to feel safe, secure, loved and well cared. We believe that this is essential to enable children to develop healthily, to learn and achieve, to acquire self-confidence and to reach their full potential. This will help them to grow up into well-adjusted adults.  We are determined to secure this aim for every child and young person in Redbridge. We can only do this when safeguarding truly is everyone in Redbridge’s business.”

 Statement of Intent

  • Redbridge SCP will work towards keeping children and young people in Redbridge safe from harm. We will support staff, families and carers in achieving this aim.
  • Redbridge SCP will ensure relevant organisations in Redbridge co-operate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
  • Redbridge SCP will seek the views of children and young people in order for Redbridge to be a place where all children and young people feel safe and valued.