UNICEF Child Friendly Borough

Redbridge has partnered with UNICEF to roll out “Child Friendly Redbridge”, which will aim Redbridge to become accredited globally as “Child Friendly” by 2025. This will have great benefits for your child. It will place children at the heart of the decision-making process at Redbridge Council.

Specifically, there are 5 focuses from this ambitious pledge:

  1. Children’s views being respected and heard
  2. Ensuring both family and community play a part in creating Child Friendly Redbridge
  3. Giving the borough’s children and young people the best opportunities for education and work
  4. Ensuring children in Redbridge are given the best start in life
  5. Empowering and giving the borough’s children and young people their say in the decisions that affect them

Redbridge Council will be working closely with children and young people across the borough to drive this, ensuring that the benefits of working on gaining this accreditation will be felt as soon as possible.

The first phase of the programme is the “Discovery” stage. This is where the council, community and young people come together to agree our priorities, known as “six badges”. Have a look at this below. The yellow ones are the foundational badges, and by the end of the discovery phase, 3 of the 10 blue badges will have been decided.

Have a chat with your child/young person about this! Ask them about how they feel about Redbridge, and how they can be involved with this to ensure that we can achieve this incredible status!