Transitional Safeguarding


The term Transitional Safeguarding describes the need for an approach to safeguarding adolescents and young adults across developmental stages which prepares the young person for their adult lives.  It recognises that adolescence goes on into our early 20s and that young people that may have been victims of exploitation or other forms of extra-familial harm still need safeguarding beyond the age of 18.  Not all young people that have been supported within Children’s Services will have a pathway into adult health and social care.

Transitional safeguarding is one of the priorities for the RSCP in 2022 – 2023, working in tandem with the Redbridge Safeguarding Adults Board (RSAB).


Transitional Safeguarding Panel

The LB Redbridge Transitional Safeguarding Panel provides a forum for case discussions.  Please find information below: