I am a Child/Young Person

This section of the website gives you information and advice so that you feel safer. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding involves protecting children from abuse or neglect. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual and neglect.

If something is worrying you or making you scared and you’re not sure if it’s abuse, it’s important to talk to someone you trust and get help.

What is the RSCP?

The Redbridge Safeguarding Children Partnership (RSCP) is a group of professionals who work together to ensure safety and promote the needs of children and young people in the borough. To learn more, read The Children’s Guide of Working Together or the Young People’s Guide on Working Together.

What are Children’s Rights?

Have a look at this video below to get a great introduction on what children’s rights are:

What are child rights?

Meet the Team

Lesley Perry                              Andrew Reed                           Amanda Jones              

RSCP Business Manager      RSCP Senior Admin Officer     RSCP Training Manager


I manage the Partnership and       I do all the back office stuff.           My job is to co-ordinate and

work to ensure that the                   I like the variety my job offers        deliver training needed for

children and young people in        and seeing what people are            the people who work with you

Redbridge are safeguarded as       doing to make our borough            every day and when you need

well as possible.                                better for young people.                  help, advice and protection.

Coronavirus Support for Young People

The global coronavirus pandemic continues to cause a lot of uncertainty in our lives. It is completely normal to feel anxious and worried. For more information and support, please have a look at this leaflet. Also, please follow us on our Instagram for more support.

Local Activities for Children and Young People

If you are looking for a new activity, group or club to join, check out the interactive digital map which identifies what is nearby.   The link is below: