Private Tuition

Are you thinking of employing a private tutor or using a tuition centre for your child?

Parents and carers may employ a tutor or use a tuition centre for their child or children for a variety of reasons:

  • to help with their school work;
  • to improve their grades;
  • to learn a musical instrument;
  • other extra curricular activity (e.g. sports coaching and drama); or
  • accompanying on musical instruments. 

Whilst the vast majority of private tutors and centres are reputable and prioritise safeguarding children and young people, as a parent or carer, you still need to take care to make proper checks when hiring their services.  The RSCP has developed a guidance leaflet to help you to safely select an appropriately trained and verified tutor or centre for your child and provide you with confident in your choices:

Getting additional support for your child through private tuition may be a positive step, particularly on the lead up to examinations or if your child is struggling with a particular subject as it can provide bespoke guidance,  helping to build self-esteem and confidence.  However, over emphasis on academic success and excessive time spent in private tuition can have a detrimental affect on a child, emotionally, physically and mentally.  To maintain health and wellbeing, children and young people need opportunities for socialisation, sporting activities, informal play and simply time to ‘chill’ as part of their holistic development.  Simply put – children need time to simply be children.

It is also important that during any private tuition sessions provided, they have opportunities for breaks, to get up and walk around to relieve any mental or physical tension.  If you are unsure about the quantity of private tuition that would be beneficial for your child or need advice on whether your child is of an appropriate age to be undertaking additional time studying, do speak to their form tutor.

Thinking of educating your child at home? Additional information is available on Redbridge i Home Schooling webpage.